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The Tomorrow Fund Online Application 

The Tomorrow Fund offers grant money to clubs and districts in good standing that are in need of funds to complete a service project. Through a reimbursement process, clubs and district may receive between US $200 and US$2000 towards a service project in order to impact their campus or community.

The link to the online Tomorrow Fund application can be found at the bottom of this page. 

In order to complete the online application you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your member ID#
  • Your club’s key number
  • Telephone number and email address of your Kiwanis/Faculty Advisor or District Administrator who is directly involved in the project
  • A brief description of the project
  • The issue your project addresses
  • When and where the project will take place and a detailed project timeline
  • How your project will measurably improve the community and by what means success will be measured
  • How your club/district will build on the success of your project
  • What parts of your project require funding
  • What elements of your project are being donated and by whom

You also will need to submit:

1.)    A detailed budget [preferably an Excel Spreadsheet] for your proposal via email (budget proposals should be sent to Include price quotes if possible.

2.)    Up to three supplementary documents. These supplementary documents could include  a newspaper article of the past event (if the event is recurring), a brochure or pamphlet for the upcoming event, a website or video link that provides more information on the project  along with your budget proposal.  Please send these supplementary documents in an email (along with your detailed budget) to .

Your application is not considered complete until you have submitted the detailed budget and submitted the supplementary documents. By completing the following application for the Tomorrow Fund grant you are agreeing to all terms and conditions required to receive the reimbursement if you are a successful applicant. Applications, detailed budget proposals and supplementary documents must be submitted by December 1.

Please remember the Tomorrow Fund is a form of reimbursement for a service project, and you must complete the project before you receive your funding.  

Tomorrow Fund Application Link

Did your club receive a Tomorrow Fund Grant? Download the reimbursement instruction form and follow the steps to submit your reimbursement.