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The Role of Secretary

The secretary is responsible for the management of all club records. The secretary must be ready to document the details important to running a smooth club operation. Included in the managing of club records is keeping minutes and attendance at all club and board meetings.

Club Secretary Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Maintain all records including club membership, dues payment, and committee activity.
  • Document club activity through meeting minutes.
    • The first paragraph of the minutes should contain:
      • Type of meeting (club, board, regularly scheduled, specially scheduled);
      • Name of the organization meeting;
      • Date, time, and location of the meeting;
      • List of those present and those absent;
      • Identification of the chair (typically the club president) and secretary;
      • Specification of whether the minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read or as corrected.
    • The body of the minutes should contain:
      • A separate paragraph for each subject discussed and acted upon. Specify the exact words of the motion, the maker of the motion, and the action taken on the motion-amended, passed, rejected, tabled, or withdrawn. Describe how the motion was adopted or disposed of, whether the motion may have been debated or amended before being adopted or rejected. Also document secondary motions, such as a recess or fixed time to adjourn the meeting.
    • The last paragraph should contain:
      • The hour of adjournment.
      • Go to the International Board section of the International Website for a sample of board meeting minutes.
      • Maintain attendance records for meetings and activities of the club.
      • Coordinate all club correspondence. 
      • Respond within seven days to requests made of the club. Depending on the type of request, the response should be of familiar eloquence. If there is a formal request, the response should also be formal.
      • Forward dues invoice and membership forms to the district and International offices. This should be done in conjunction with the club treasurer. A complete guide for the dues process is sent to the club every year, and in it contains very detailed instructions on the membership forms.
      • Complete and submit all monthly reports to the district.
      • Maintain a file for committee reports.
      • Submit club activities to the district publication and Circle K Magazine. If your club has a bulletin editor, this task is often delegated to them as one of his/her responsibilities. 
      • Forward all registration forms for club participation in district and International events.
      • Prior to each club meeting and board of officers meeting recommend to the president a list of business items for the agenda.
One of the most important duties of the club secretary is documentation of club activities and member involvement with those activities. Accurate records lend to club credibility and viability. In addition, this information is helpful to incoming officers and committee chairs as they evaluate the success of past club activities and then develop goals for the future.

The secretary is responsible for documenting:
  • Member attendance at meetings.
  • Minutes of club meetings and board meetings.
  • Member participation in club activities.
  • Service hours and administrative hours contributed by each member.

Weekly Duties

  • Attend all meetings and compose the official minutes.
  • Respond to all correspondence within several days and inform officers and advisors of the communication.

Monthly Duties

  • Recommend to president agenda items for the board of officer meetings.
  • Attend board of officer meetings.
  • Collect the monthly committee reports.
  • Write and submit monthly report to the district.
  • Forward newsworthy information to the district publication and Circle K Magazine.
  • Publish a club bulletin (if club bulletin editor position does not exist).

Annual Duties
  • Obtain all files and information from immediate past secretary.
  • Inventory all club property.
  • Create a filing system for club reports, bulletins, and literature.
  • Produce a club membership directory.
  • Complete award forms for district and International contests.
  • Complete all delegate registration forms for district and International conventions.
  • Assist incoming secretary in becoming acquainted with the position.

Reporting to the Board

At each board meeting the secretary should be prepared to present a report of activities over the past two weeks. This report should include:
  • Information about any correspondence received and/or mailed.
  • Report of meeting attendance and total member and guests participating in club projects.
  • Report on prospective new members.
  • Report activities accomplished, such as the submission of dues, development of club bulletin, and monthly report.
  • Report monthly on the number of committee reports received.

To download a pdf of the Club Officer Guide