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The Role of the Kiwanis Advisor

Kiwanis Advisor:
The most critical role of the Kiwanis advisor is to be a liaison between the sponsoring Kiwanis club and the club. To fulfill this responsibility, the Kiwanis advisor should:
  • Report on the activities of the club at each Kiwanis club board of officers meetings and at least monthly to the entire Kiwanis club.
  • Notify the Kiwanis club board of officers when club projects and activities are planned in which the Kiwanis club members can be actively involved.
  • Plan and facilitate, in consultation with the faculty advisor, the annual training session for incoming club officers.
  • Annually review with the entire Kiwanis club membership the obligations of sponsorship of the club.
  • Organize and manage an active Kiwanis club committee on CKI.
  • Work with the Kiwanis club board of officers to include funds for club operations in the Kiwanis club budget.
  • Encourage club members to attend Kiwanis club meetings and, if possible, arrange for their meal costs to be covered.
  • Arrange for the club officers to annually present a program on their club's activities and programs to the Kiwanis club.
  • Meet at least monthly with the faculty advisor.
  • Submit articles on the activities of the club to the Kiwanis district bulletin editor.
  • Arrange formal recognition from the Kiwanis club for the faculty advisor and his or her efforts throughout the year.
  • Encourage parents and graduating members to join a Kiwanis club.
  • Provide ongoing training to the club officers.
  • Try to attend each weekly meeting of the club and biweekly meeting of the board of officers.

To assist the club in fulfilling its financial and administrative responsibilities, the faculty and Kiwanis advisor should:
  • Monitor the submission of monthly reports to the district secretary.
  • Ensure the US club pays all district and International dues by December 1 and submits the appropriate dues and membership forms.
  • Ensure the non-US club pay International dues by February 1 and submits the appropriate dues and membership forms.
  • Review the club's current bylaws to make certain they conform to the Standard Form for Club Bylaws and have been approved by CKI, include any language required by the college or university, and are on file in the student activities office.
  • Work with the Kiwanis advisor and the club board of officers to develop an effective annual budget.
  • Monitor the expenses of the club to ensure expenditures remain within the parameters of the budget.
  • Make certain the club develops and implements a plan for membership recruitment activities for the year.

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