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The Role of the Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisor:
The most critical role of faculty advisor is to be a liaison between the school and the club. To fulfill this responsibility, the faculty advisor should, if necessary:
  • Provide assistance in obtaining a regular meeting room and needed meeting room equipment.
  • Explain the school's policy on providing financial assistance to campus organizations and help the club obtain any needed funds.
  • Understand and explain campus policies regarding organizing campus-wide events, posting signs, and other advertising on campus.
  • Provide a contact for the club with the school newspaper and other media services.
  • Help the club obtain information from the registrar's office on incoming students for the club to use in membership-recruitment activities.
  • Advise the club of any actions or planned events that conflict with campus policies and should be discontinued. 
  • Monitor the grade point averages of club members and officers to ensure all members are maintaining the minimum requirements for graduation, and advise the club president of any members with academic difficulty.
  • Try to attend each weekly meeting of the club and biweekly meeting of the board of officers.
  • Meet at least monthly with the Kiwanis advisor. 
  • Attend the Kiwanis club's weekly meetings as often as possible.
  • Work with the Kiwanis advisor to plan and facilitate the annual training session for incoming club officers.

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