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The Role of Committees

Committees: In consultation with the board of officers, the club president should design a committee structure that will enable the club to achieve the goals set. All activity of the club should move the club closer to goal achievement. The Standard Form of Club Bylaws recommends some standing committees: however, each club needs to specify committees unique to the club's interests and goals. For the list of standing committees, refer to the Standard Form for Club Bylaws.

It is the responsibility of the vice-president to oversee committee activity and report on committee progress during the board of officers meetings. A misconception of many clubs is that committees must be yearlong. Certainly, a committee should be yearlong if it is going to take that long to accomplish the goals; however, committees can be established task forces with a very specific, short-term mission. Other short-term committees could be established for each service program the club decides to sponsor. Rather than having one committee coordinate all service projects, the club may want to encourage fresh ideas and energy by creating committees for each club project.

The roles of the president and vice-president should encourage committee progress by rewarding committees for their efforts. When committees seem confused about where to go next or appear misdirected, the vice-president should schedule a meeting with the committee chair to discuss specific direction and identify resources that will assist the committee in accomplishing its tasks.

Club Committee Chair Duties and Responsibilities

The committee chair is responsible for the coordination of all committee activities. Upon receipt of the committee appointment, he or she should prepare to manage committee activities by:
  • Reviewing the purpose and responsibilities of the committee with the vice-president upon appointment.
  • Asking for clarification and further direction, if needed.
  • Detailing the committee's responsibilities.
  • Providing each committee member with the detailed responsibilities.
  • Orienting committee members to the purpose of the committee and its goals for the year.
  • Planning project strategy for each task.
  • Conducting at least two committee meetings monthly.
  • Discussing progress, outline activities for the coming months, and delegate tasks.
  • Reviewing the activities and achievements of past committees. 
  • Considering recommendations made for future programs.
  • Assessing community needs when planning service projects.
  • Completing monthly reports for vice-president. 
  • Evaluating committee progress periodically and in its entirety at the conclusion of the project.

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