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The Role of Bulletin Editor

Bulletin Editor:
If your club elects or appoints a bulletin editor, it is the editor's responsibility to develop a monthly bulletin, newsletter, or website to inform your club members of club activities, deadlines, important dates, and board actions. A good newsletter will motivate members who have not been attending club meetings to participate in club projects. The bulletin editor is also in charge of running any social media accounts your club may have.

Fancy or simple, the purpose of the club bulletin is to briefly remind members of the club's activities. The following topics should always be addressed in the club bulletin:
  • Programs to be presented during meetings for upcoming month.
  • Service projects, social activities, and Kiwanis-family activities for upcoming months.
  • Deadlines for the submission of Committee Progress Report Forms.
  • Deadlines for project sign-ups.
  • Important dates (club, college or university, and sponsoring Kiwanis club).
  • District, division, and International events.
  • Accomplishments of the club and members in the past month. 
  • Actions take by the board.
  • Names of new members.

You may want to liven up the bulletin by including special interest articles, such as CKI education spotlight, career development topics, and activities of other student organizations on campus.

When designing the newsletter, be creative, but keep it simple. Use the CKI graphic standards template to ensure consistent design. Developing newsletters can be very time consuming; the most important component of writing a newsletter is informing the members about club activities.

With the increase in technology, many clubs are moving toward electronic newsletters. The format and purpose of the bulletin remains unchanged, however the distribution of the newsletter is done via e-mail or posted onto the club's website. This type of publication virtually eliminates the cost of creating club newsletters and many times members prefer the electronic version of the newsletters compared to hard copies.

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