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CKI in non-North American cultures

Below you will find our newly-published cultural resources. These resources are meant to briefly explain the essesnce of CKI or the Kiwanis family in these regions and to provide CKI members with some insight regarding the cultural highlights of these regions. I am proud to say that our committee members have worked hard on these: if you ever get the opportunity, please thank them for their diligence and patience in creating these resources. If you have any feedback on the resources or would like us to create one for a particular nation or region, please contact our International Representative at Large at

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Translated documents

The Circle K International Language Specialists have been working hard to help make Circle K International more accessible to all current and potential members around the world.  In such attempts, this team has translated numerous documents to other languages and hopes to continue such translations in future years.  This page consists of all Circle K International resources translated into languages other than English.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our International Representative at Large,
These documents were translated by Circle K members and friends for the benefit of anyone interested in learning about Circle K International.  We do not claim that these are professionally translated documents.


What is Circle K (2015)
The Objects of Circle K (2015)
The Three Tenets of Circle K (2015)
CKI Structure (2015)
Club President (2015) 
Club Vice President
Club Secretary
Club Goal Setting
Member Recruitment and Retention



¿Que Es CKI? (What is CKI?) (2015) 
Objetivos de Circuló K Internacional (The Objects of Circle K International) (2015) 
Los principios de CKI (The Tenets of CKI) (2015) 
Estractura de CKI (Structure of CKI) (2015) 
Presidente del Club (Club President) (2015) 
El establecimiento de metas del Club (Club Goal Setting) (2015) 
Reclutamiento y Retención de Miembros por Clubes (Membership Recruitment and Retention) (2015)