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Strengthen your club

Clubs must continually recruit members in order to maintain the vitality of the club. Setting up a table at your campus organizational fair is an easy and effective way to promote CKI to potential members due to the large volume of students who visit. But just showing up and throwing your club banner on the table isn't enough to attract quality members. We have a few tips and tools for you to utilize to attract potential new members. 

Tip #1- Don't Procrastinate

Don't wait until one hour before the organizational fair to prepare! You wouldn't write a 10 page paper one hour before class, so don't wait until the last minute to prepare to showcase your club. Check out our tabling checklist so you can get off on the right foot!  

Tip #2- Know what to say

You wouldn't give a speech unless you prepared first, right? The same is true for an organizational fair. Club members need to have some key talking points when meeting potential new members. Share these talking points with the club members who are participating in the organizational fair so everyone is on the same page. 

Tip #3- All signs point to Circle K

Promote your club with great signage. Do you have a graphic design major or very artistic person in your club? Utilize their talents to make signage that will set your club apart from the rest! Find all the information on fonts and design elements in the Circle K Brand Guide

Don't have time to come up with your own design? Don't worry, we have some great posters available for you as well. 

These full color, 8 x 10 posters are suitable for framing: 

These 8.5 x 11, full color posters are suitable for framing or for display with your club photos. Each page contains two posters. Cut the posters in half after printing:

These 2 foot by 3 foot, full color banners are sure to grab potential members attention! Have them printed on paper (for one time use) or vinyl (for multiple uses).

Tip #4- Don't send them away empty handed

Potential members will visit several tables during an organizational fair. If you want them to remember Circle K make sure you give them something before they leave your table. A brochure, a flyer, a business card- something with your club meeting day, time and location. If you want to get really creative hand out inexpensive treats such as gum, suckers, or even Ramen Noodles! Use this nifty labels to add a personal touch to those items. Use Avery 5160 labels (1 in x 2 5/8 in) for printing. Be sure to add email addresses or other information to the labels before printing. 

General labels for brochures or miscellaneous items:  
Labels for gum:
Labels for Ramen Noodles:
Other label ideas:
  • Don't blow a chance to change the world- Join CKI! (attach to Blow Pop suckers)
  • Bet all your CHIPS- Choose CKI! (attach to individual bags of potato chips)
  • Learn S'MORE about CKI- come to our next meeting [add in meeting date/time/location] (attach to a baggie containing a graham cracker, marshmallow and a small chocolate bar)
  • Get your daily dose of vitamin "C"KI! (attach to bags of fruit snacks)
  • You're MINT to be in Circle K! ( attach to mints or mint gum) 
  • POP in for our next meeting and learn all about CKI! (attach to a bag of microwave popcorn)
  • There's a HOLE in our club without you! (attach to a bag of doughnut holes)  
  • It would be Magnificent & Marvelous to see you at our next CKI meeting! (attach to a fun size package of M&M's)