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Live to Serve, Love to Serve
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Leadership is one of the three tenets of Circle K International. Do you show leadership by holding an office in your club, or are you a leader simply because you chose to join CKI? Is leadership about the skills you can receive to become a better leader, or the ways you can teach others how to become great leaders? We think it’s all of the above. To instill a strong sense of leadership in all its members, CKI has made it a mission to afford members the resources and tools needed to become great leaders.

"One day I signed up for a service organization I’d never heard of: Circle K International. Five months later, I’m leading the Ohio District as governor. I can’t think of a quicker path to becoming a leader."

—Courtney, Ohio District CKI member

As a CKI member, you’ll have experiences that help you fulfill your potential. You’ll find friendships that last a lifetime. You’ll even establish a network of professional contacts. In so many ways, CKI membership will bring you the satisfaction of serving and working with others.

Make a Difference.

Whether you’re working with local industry or mentoring a child, you’ll make a long-lasting impact.

Develop Leadership Skills.

Every CKI member has the opportunity to serve the club as an officer, committee chairman, project chairman, district officer, or international representative.

Put Lessons to Work.

With CKI, you’ll apply what you learn in the classroom. You’ll also develop skills and collect experiences that increase your post-graduation marketability. Through Kiwanis, you’ll even build a network of professional contacts.

Form Friendships.

CKI membership is an opportunity to befriend students from 18 nations—and all walks of life. At division, district and international conferences and conventions, you’ll encounter a wide array of ideas, concerns and perspectives.

For more information, e-mail or call us at 1-800-KIWANIS.