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  • Step Aside, Miss America

    The Pacific West Coast region may be famous for its beautiful Miss America contestants, but Circle K’s California-Nevada-Hawaii District is taking pageants to a whole new level. Last January, 12 CKI men polished their dance moves and revealed their best beachwear for the first ever “Mister CKI” pageant, a fundraiser for The Six Cents Initiative.

    Hosted by The University of California, Irvine, Mister CKI raised more than US$1,800 for Six Cents. More than 150 CKI members were in attendance, and the crowd was so loud that contestants needed the volume turned up to hear the music!

    “Who wouldn’t want to go to an event filled with nothing but Circle K’s finest men showing off their skills?” says fundraising co-chairwoman Lisa Chow. “These guys made the show. They were amazing.”

    Chow and her fundraising co-chairwoman Olga Parvin began organizing, planning and advertising the event in September. Tickets were $10 presale and $12 at the door. They creatively raised money in other ways, too, including a bake sale, selling good-luck grams for contestants, a raffle and voting for favorite contestants with a donation.

    “The best thing about this event was seeing how excited and dedicated these 12 guys were to perfecting their talents, dances and answers,” says Parvin. “We couldn't have asked for a better group of guys to work with.”

    After a group dance number, best beach attire, questions and a talent section, Andy Nguyen was crowned as California-Nevada-Hawaii’s first “Mister CKI.” Other winners included Sean Nguyen for Mr. Congeniality, Kevin Moy for People’s Choice Best Beach Attire and Martin Chang for People’s Choice Best Talent.

    When the event was said and done, Chow and Parvin couldn’t believe it was over. “We were done and it had been an incredibly successful night,” recalls Chow. “I hope that Mister CKI continues on as a new tradition for many years to come.”

    Mister CKI 2011 Contestants:

    • Andy Nguyen (UCI)
    • Danny Ha (CSULB)
    • Dillon Gamboa (UCI)
    • Jonathan Junpradub (UCLA)
    • Kevin Moy (UCI)
    • Martin Chang (UCI)
    • Michael Tung (UCI)
    • Ryan Pham (OCC)
    • Sean Nguyen (CSULB)
    • Sinh Nguyen (Saddleback)
    • Vincent Vu (OCC)
    • William Duong (UCR)

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