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  • what not to do on your résumé

    Story by Rich Lentz, Executive Recruiter, Produce Careers Inc. 

    Don’t have a long résumé.
    I tell everyone to keep a résumé to no more than two pages and double-sided if printed. For new grads, I strongly recommend keeping it to one page. On average, a hiring authority spends less than 30 seconds reviewing a résumé. You’ll start to lose your reader’s attention after the first page. A few suggestions to help keep the page count low are using size 10 or 11 Calabri, Ariel or Times New Roman font and setting the margins to “narrow.”
    Don’t have a wordy ...

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  • thank you to our partners!

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  • 4 things to avoid in an interview

    Story by Rich Lentz, Executive Recruiter, Produce Careers Inc. 

    Don’t come unprepared.
    This may seem obvious, but it still blows me away how many people don’t do their homework for an interview. The obvious suggestions are researching the company and the position online, but interview prep also should include the little things. Directions to the interview site? Preferred entrance or any other special instructions? Having difficulty getting to an interview on time not only looks bad to the hiring authority, but it also can knock you off of your game before you even have the introductory handshake. 
    Don’t be ...

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  • 3 questions for a director of human resources

    3 questions …

    for Sharon Dildine, Director of Administration and Human Resources, Kauffman Engineering

    What makes you shake your head when you receive résumés from recent college grads? 

    When candidates provide email addresses that reflect a little too much information about themselves, like “” or “” These make a hiring manager go, “Hmmm, not sure how to take this,” and it may turn off a hiring manager. Just a simple, professional name like “” is adequate.

    What have you encountered when interviewing recent college graduates that made you want to take them under your wing and mentor them? 

    I love ...

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  • Thank you to our partners!

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  • Because of CKI

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  • CKI will always be a part of you

    Story by Cody Schara

    CKI was the organization that really helped me grow and develop during my undergrad years. Now that I’ve graduated, I still have a hard time letting it go.

    I’m now an academic advisor, and my job is all about creating environments to help students feel comfortable to share their stories. Most people think academic advisors just register students for classes or send them endless emails about upcoming academic deadlines. But the core of what an effective advisor does is the intentionality behind the environments they create for students. My time in CKI helped me immensely in ...

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  • Show your K in every way

    Story by Keyla Reeder

    I joined the Kiwanis family two years ago as a member of the Circle K of Colegio Education Professional Intermedio (E.P.I.) in Oranjestad, Aruba. I was one of the founding members of the club and its first president. My club and I encountered a lot of challenges. Through that experience, I have learned how to build my leadership skills and enhance my ability to help those in need, and I have gained a lot of friends along the way. I have learned how to plan, organize and execute projects. For everything from service projects to fundraisers, ...

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  • Get on board

    Story by John Shertzer

    Why do we choose to belong to organizations like Circle K International? Why do we invest our time, financial resources and energy in experiences like this? Surely it would be less taxing on us just to do our own thing—to serve when we can and however we want; not to be constrained to the structure of a club; to walk our own path instead of a shared one.

    And it is true that more and more people are taking a path away from membership organizations. Groups like Kiwanis have seen a drop in the number of ...

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  • Follow your passion

    Story by C. Kevin Wanzer, CKI Leadership Academy fellow

    I remember, as a kindergartner, setting up a lemonade stand in front of our house. When kind or thirsty patrons would stop and buy a cup, they’d hear me say, “Before I give you your lemonade . . . a magic trick!”

    At age 7, in my own way, I was able to hold these confused, unsuspecting folks hostage for a few moments as their cars idled in the driveway. I would then launch into five minutes of an over-rehearsed spiel, typically culminating in a dozen red-foam rabbits springing from my ...

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