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Circle K International has a rich and vibrant history steeped in tradition. Its rituals, ceremonies, and social activities reflect a commitment not only to service, but to its members as well. Fellowship is such an important tenet of this organization that it is written into the official objectives of Circle K International.

Over the course of more than 50 years, Circle K has changed and evolved, yet fellowship remains a natural by-product of the group service it provides. Bonds have formed between Circle Kers that span space and time. Lifelong friendships have etched themselves into the history of this organization. Circle K has helped shape the personal lives of countless members since its inception.

Every CKI member describes fellowship in his or her own unique way. To one, it’s a shy smile from a child learning to read. To another, it’s an enthusiastic hug from a friend made at a convention more than a year ago. Indeed, fellowship means something different to everyone—but in the end, the stories have a common thread: Friendships. Bonds. Trust. Companionship.

Whether a CKI member is mentoring a child, networking with a business professional, or laughing with members during a convention, he or she is developing social skills, meeting new people, and strengthening relationships.

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